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Sushila Devi

Dairy products | Patiyu, Uttarakhand

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The hilly villages of Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand have the unique advantage of accessing vast areas of pasture that make livestock rearing a profitable enterprise. Good market connectivity and prompt fortnightly payments from village cooperatives make this livelihood feasible in a region where jobs are in short supply.

Rural women, in particular, take it up as a way to augment their earnings from farming and earn a steadier source of income. It was with this in mind that Sushila Devi applied for her first Rang De loan.

Having too much to do on her farm, Sushila decided to buy a buffalo and sell its milk as opposed to running a store which would require more time and capital. The animal gives 6 litres of milk of which 2 litres are sold, some saved for household consumption while the rest is made into ghee, also meant for sale.

The new livelihood is helping her earn Rs.2800 per month and helps pay the bills. Since she grows most of the food herself, she does not buy much from the market. Instead, the money is used to pay for the education of her daughter who is studying at Augustmuni, a neighbouring village. She has three other daughters who are married and a son who studies in Dehradun and works part-time to support himself.

We were glad to hear that Sushila has insured the newly acquired buffalo, thus protecting her investment. She also has taken a life insurance policy for herself towards which she pays a monthly premium of Rs.150.

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About Sushila Devi before Rang De Loan

Sushila Devi, age 45, hails from Patiyu, Uttarakhand. A single mother of student Jabber Singh, Sushila has been a homemaker until now. However, she does want to begin earning her own income by starting her own milk-selling business. Like every business needs a little support at the beginning, so does Sushila's. She needs a loan of Rs.35,000 towards the purchase of a buffalo. With no affordable banking sources for loans, Sushila hasn't been able to start her business.

You can help Sushila begin a new journey towards a successful future. Do invest in Sushila's business and make her path a little easier.

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