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Sarita Devi

Horse rearing | Barshal, Uttarakhand

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New Beginning For Sarita Devi

The Rudraprayag district is famous for its yatras to various places of religious importance. The journeys are long through rough terrain and are normally undertaken using different types of transport. At some points, it becomes necessary to proceed on foot or hire a horse or a mule. This is why the horse and mule trade thrives in Uttarakhand.

Between the months of April to November, pilgrims swarm by the thousands every day to visit shrines and temples. The people of the district look forward to brisk trade during the mentioned period.

Many of our borrowers are engaged in the horse rearing trade as it is one of the most lucrative livelihoods in the region. They frequently request for Rang De loans to fund part of the cost of a horse as the price for one begins at Rs.70000.

For Sarita Devi, a farmer from Barshal village, the bulk of the investment came from her mother while a sum of Rs.20000 was disbursed to her in the form of a loan. Sarita earned very little from her farm and found it difficult to sustain it due to rising cultivation costs. By starting a new livelihood, she now has more money in hand to use for agricultural purposes as well as for the horse rearing business itself. The horse is taken on journeys by her husband who manages the income and expenses related to the business.

When we met the rather shy and quiet Sarita in April, she told us that the new activity had already turned profitable. She now earns a monthly income of Rs.10000, of which Rs.500 is maintained as savings. For the moment, she is focused on repaying the loan she has taken and is not keen on making any other plans till she has repaid her dues in full.

Thank you for extending your support to Sarita Devi’s new livelihood. If you would like to help other women from Uttarakhand, please click on the link.

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About Sarita Devi before Rang De Loan

Sarita Devi, a 25 year old woman from Mansoona, Rudraprayag in Uttarakhand, has appealed for a loan of Rs.20000/-. Her husband Pradeep Singh works as a daily wage labor and earns Rs 60000/- per year. In order to increase her family income Sarita has planned to buy a horse as horse rearing is a profitable business in hilly region because horse is one of the most important source for transporting heavy stuff in hills.

 Kindly invest as much as possible in Sarita Devi's loan amount so that she can become a self-sustaining individual who can contribute to her family income. This would boost her confidence, improve her standard of living, and make her life much better.

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