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Sri Devi

Buffalo rearing | Kodhwa, Uttar Pradesh

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New Beginning For Sri Devi

Many rural women have begun their entrepreneurial journey with a Rang De loan. One of them is Sri Devi from Kodhwa village in Kanpur district, a borrower who received funds to start a dairy farm through your contribution.

When Sri Devi wanted to engage in a profitable activity that would help her contribute financially to the family, she found it difficult to obtain the necessary funds to do so. Although she has the support of her husband, a labourer and two grown-up sons, the incomes they earned were sufficient for household expenses including her daughter’s schooling and a small amount of savings but could extend no further.

Sri Devi was keen on buying a buffalo since its milk enjoys stable demand in the market and draws a better price per litre than cow’s milk. However, buffaloes are expensive and can cost anywhere between Rs.50000 to Rs.75000, depending on the quality of the breed. This meant that Sri Devi could use money out of her savings but would still need to take a loan.

On discussing her plans with her SHG, she learnt that she was eligible for a low-cost collateral-free loan. Encouraged by the feedback of other members who had availed credit from us, Sri Devi applied to Rang De for a sum of Rs.35000 and within a few months, the money was raised on our platform and disbursed to her.

After purchasing a healthy animal from the local market, Sri Devi began to sell its milk to the village cooperative and soon reported a consistent monthly income of Rs.9500. She also said that she has bought a few new household items much to the delight of her family.

For now, she has no future plans since she is still repaying the loan and needs to see how sustainable the livelihood will be in the long run.

Thank you for funding Sri Devi’s loan and helping her start a small dairy farm. If you would like to help other women from Uttar Pradesh, please click on the link.

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About Sri Devi before Rang De Loan

Sri Devi is a 49 years old married woman from Kodhwa village of Kanpur Dehat district, Uttar Pradesh. Her family includes her husband and 3 children of 18, 22 & 25 years old. Her husband earns Rs.34000 annually from labor work. which is the total annual income of the family. Due to which, they even lack the basic household amenities like closed toilets and a continuous water supply for which they travel beyond 5kms. radius. Since the earning is too low to meet the overall family's income, Sri Devi chose to start Cattle Rearing business which she can carry out throughout the year for additional income. But lacks enough capital to purchase a buffalo to start her business. She is in urgent need of Rs.35000 for the purchase. Help Sri Devi by investing in her loan to carry out the business.

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