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Radha Bai

Forest products selling | Chakdehi, Madhya Pradesh

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In Chakdehi village, we met with some of our borrowers who had taken a few hours off from work to speak to us. One of the women we interacted with was Radha Bai, who although shy at first, warmed to the subject of her business and how a recent loan from Rang De made a difference to it. She and her husband Santosh had a small eatery just outside their home but later moved to a bigger rented space. It cost them around Rs.600 per month in rent but gave them enough room to serve more customers.

Radha Bai was happy to show us around her establishment and pointed to the new chairs and benches that the loan had made possible. She had also bought bigger utensils which were used for preparing larger quantities of snacks and beverages. All of these new investments appear to have paid off. She and Santosh are now earning Rs.10000 per month in sales but are yet to see an improvement in their savings habit. “I don’t keep much savings at home because I have children and most of the money gets used up during emergencies”, she explained.

Despite not maintaining much in the way of savings, Radha Bai has no difficulty operating her State Bank of India account independently and hopes that if the hotel generates more income in future, she will be in a position to increase her bank balance. When asked if she had any further plans for her business, she said that she intends to broaden the menu choices at the hotel and would require a loan for that purpose.

As we took in all the improvements Radha Bai had made, we were impressed to see how well she had made use of her loan and hoped that once she has repaid all the instalments, she might have a little more money that can be saved for future contingencies.

Thank you for investing in Radha Bai’s loan. If you would like to help other women from Madhya Pradesh, please click on the link.

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About Radha Bai before Rang De Loan

In this era of digitisation where India is in the race to become a developed nation, there are still many areas where people find it difficult to earn a living.

Radha Bai lives in  Chakdehi village in Narayanganj district, Madhya Pradesh. She is keen on starting a small business and has decided to sell forest products. This new business will provide an opportunity for her to contribute to the family income. She has three small children and wants to give them a good education so that they can have a better future. She needs an investment of Rs. 10000/- to buy all the necessary items so that she can ensure a stable income out of her business. Kindly contribute towards her loan and take a step forward to boost the morale of people like Radha Bai who have the determination to work even against odds.

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