About Rang De

Rang De was launched as a platform in 2008 with the mission of providing access to low cost and affordable credit. We soon realised that, while cost of credit was an important aspect, the entire service design of credit delivery had to be revisited if it had to enable communities to take charge of their lives. Towards this aim, we designed several initiatives - including Swabhimaan - a state of the art digital financial literacy platform and Habba - an artisan centric fair marketplace designed to enhance their incomes.

Between 2008-2017, Rang De provided 65,000 families with access to credit through micro-loans. Over 80 Crores was disbursed through the support of 15000+ Social Investors.

In 2017, RBI regulated the peer to peer lending sector. After applying for a license, we finally registered ourselves as an NBFC-P2P and set up Rang De.in to continue our mission of providing customized credit at affordable rates.

The current state of the credit system for millions of unbanked and semi banked individuals across the world is predominantly informal. Where formal credit has been extended, it has been marked by complete lack of agency. Lack of access to information and more importantly a lack of financial literacy and awareness have prevented individuals and communities from taking control over their lives.

Rang De's flagship project Swabhimaan, has been built to address this issue of lack of agency by empowering them to make active informed decisions when it comes to financial management and loan decision making.

Join us on our Mission

Become a social investor and invest in fellow Indians on Rangde.in
Bring about financial inclusion through financial literacy by contributing to Swabhimaan
Build and support the livelihoods of artisans and weavers through Habba.org